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The State of Teacher Policies in Central America and the Dominican Republic

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By Federico Sucre

Evidence suggests that schools in Central America and the Dominican Republic do not provide the education that children and youth need. Despite the importance of teachers for learning, in most countries the systems of recruitment, training, retention and support of teachers, in addition to their management and monitoring systems, still have serious shortcomings.

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Education, Skills, and Innovation for Development in Latin America

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The OECD Development Centre, the Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UN-ECLAC), and CAF – Development Bank of Latin America launched the Latin American Economic Outlook 2015. The report forecasts a slowdown in the region’s rate of growth and argues that reforms to strengthen education, skills, and innovation are necessary if countries in Latin America are to escape the middle income trap.  Read more

PREAL Publications: Report Card on Education in Nicaragua, 2014

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On Wednesday, February 19, the Foro Educativo Nicaragüense (EDUQUEMOS) and the Consejo Superior de la Empresa Privada (COSEP), with the support of PREAL and IBIS Dinámica, presented the 2014 Report Card on Education in Nicaragua, “Quality and Equity for Human Development” (in Spanish).  Read more

Using Social Media to Achieve Education Reform

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Civil Society in Latin America is increasingly mobilizing to improve education quality. It is interesting to note the growing use of mass social media campaigns to influence education policy debates. This week, we have observed a very good example from the Dominican Republic. Read more

2012 PISA Results: LAC continues to lag in education performance

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The results of the OECD’s 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) were released yesterday. We list below key takeaways for the eight Latin American countries that participated in this round (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay). Read more

PREAL Enlaces: Guatemalan leaders sign historic agreement on human development

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The leaders of Guatemala’s most important political parties recently signed a historic agreement (en español) aimed at reducing high levels of chronic childhood malnutrition, improving education quality, and equipping youth with the skills needed for labor market success.  Read more

PREAL Enlaces: Webcast on Teacher Evaluations

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On November 18, 2013, the Fordham Institute will host a live webcast on the latest research on teacher evaluations and how to improve them. Read more

PREAL Enlaces: World Bank Event on Student Evaluations

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The World Bank will be hosting a live webcast on student assessments on November 7, from 1:00 to 5:00 pm (Washington, DC, time: GMT -5 hours) with important relevance for Latin America.  Read more

PREAL Enlaces: Interview with Jeff Puryear on Education in Latin America

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Watch Jeff Puryear speak about education challenges in Latin America and ways to resolve them in a recent interview on Voice of America’s Foro Interamericano (in Spanish). Read more

PREAL Enlaces: Teachers Protest Education Reform in Mexico

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Teachers Unions in Mexico have organized major demonstrations during the past week to protest deliberations by Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies regarding regulations implementing a constitutional education reform approved earlier this year. Read more