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Posts by Eduardo Vélez Bustillo

Computers in Primary Education. Be careful!!!

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By Eduardo Velez Bustillo

In the early 1980s my colleagues at Instituto SER de Investigación in Colombia were working with Seymour Papert, then Director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. They were applying Logo (Logo Programing Language) among primary education rural students in Nemocón, Colombia. Seymour was also one of the principals for the One Laptop Per Child initiative, and started what today is the MIT media lab. In fact, he is one of the fathers of education technology. Papert created Logo as a tool that can, in principle, be used by educators to improve the way children think and solve problems. For many years, studies on the cognitive and social benefits of Logo, however, have produced conflicting results. Read more


Learning to Read, or the Biggest Failure in Education

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By Eduardo Vélez Bustillo

The results from TERCE highlight one of the biggest issues in the education sector in Latin America. The elephant in the room, if you may, is that most children do not learn how to read at the proper age. According to TERCE, 2 out of 3 third grader students do not reach higher than Level II in the reading test. Read more

No One is a Prophet in His Own Land: Escuela Nueva in Colombia

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By Eduardo Velez Bustillo

Recently I had the opportunity to discuss informally with officials from the Ministry of Education (MOE) some of their ideas on how to improve the quality of rural education in Colombia.  I was surprised to see that their agenda did not include strengthening of the Escuela Nueva Model (EN) that was fully supported by the MOE some years ago.  Read more