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The Teach For All Experience and Its Lessons for Latin America

By Belen Cumsille R. and Ariel Fiszbein

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The following paper was originally written for EPAA/AAPE, a journal designed for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and development analysts concerned with education policies.

We are pleased to share a recent paper written by our Program Director Ariel Fiszbein and former intern Belen Cumsille, which  analyzes the experience of Teach For All partners in different countries around the globe in three areas: (a) Recruitment and Selection; (b) Training and Development; and (c) Placement. Read more


PREAL Publications: Teacher Perceptions and Practices in Latin America

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By Belén Cumsille R.

The most recent PREAL Policy Brief “Teacher Perceptions and Practices Around the World. Analyzing the TALIS results from a Latin American perspective” examines the results of the second version of the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey. The survey focuses on the processes of teaching and learning, regarded from the perspective of teachers in the areas of professional development, appraisal and schools feedback practices, teaching practices, self-efficacy, value of the teaching profession, and job satisfaction. Read more

OECD Teacher Survey Results: Hints for Latin America

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By Belén Cumsille R.*

On June 25th, the OECD released results from the 2013 Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS), which collects information on secondary school teachers’ perceptions of the teaching profession and their work environment. The 2013 TALIS surveyed more than 100,000 teachers and principals in 34 countries across the globe, including three in Latin America: Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. The results highlight emerging trends and provide hints for future reforms. Read more